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Kouhbor Trading Co. started its business of foundry and molding of brass in 1936 and in 1971, with the advent of the new generation, it commenced the process of importing good into Iran in order to expand its business.

In the year 2001, with more of its work in the heating and cooling systems coupled with the construction industry, a remarkable deal of primary materials were supplied from the countries of East Asia (namely China, Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan, etc.) and this company issued its own brand with the high-quality products to be distributed in this dear land of ours.

In 2006, by the establishment of Ideal Kouhbor Production-Commercial Group and the foundation of branches throughout Tehran as well as a stock and workshop of affinity and conversion, this firm proved the extent of its services through its constant development in the heating and cooling systems industry.

In 2009, with

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